QEE offers the complete energy efficiency package taking care of the demand side of the building (M&S-Energy Consumption Optimisation), as well as the supply side (EaaS-Energy Price Optimisation).


Energy as a service (EaaS). Offering a complete retrofit of equipment such as chillers and boilers or adding renewable energy like solar PV under an energy supply contract. With this scheme, QEE takes care of the energy supply side of the property, and our customers only pay for the energy consumed without initial investments or equipment failure risk, with a reduced price due to the efficiency improvement (Optimised energy price).

Energy Cost savings

EaaS delivers cost savings improving the overall efficiency of the plant productions.


Pay for the energy consumed, with no extra operational & maintenance costs.

Retrofitting Implementation

QEE to design, finance and execute the complete retrofit of the energy production plant rooms using cutting edge technology

Control & Intelligence

Addition of smart building technology to improve the efficiency and increase the value of the assets.

Monitor & Save

Monitor & Save is world ́s first energy efficiency project focused on optimisation of existing facilities entirely under performance-based scheme: if there are No Savings achieved – No Fees apply for the client. Designed to maximize the efficiency of current facilities, it consists of four main components which allow perfectly balanced energy and operational efficiency.

Seamless energy saving, focusing only in demand optimisation.


Cloud – based Monitoring and Analytical Platform tracks energy performance progress, identifies faults and cause-effect scenarios.



Identification of necessary control enhancements and upgrades to maximize building´s performance and energy saving


Proprietary machine-learning based software and tailored hardware solutions for automation of entire HVAC system of the building.

Human Resources

Team of Energy Efficiency Engineers with extensive experience in buildings optimisation, handles all the tasks related to the project.

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