As many countries now enter a post pandemic phase, both businesses and the public will have to adapt their behavior
Quimera Energy Efficiency (QEE) Global Leader in Smart Building Technology and Energy Efficiency has been nominated as a finalist in
Future Fund investing in UK smart energy leader London, September 28, 2020 - Quimera Energy Ltd., a world leader in
Quimera Energy the UK based Smart Building Energy Efficiency Company has been recognised by the Financial Times in its Fourth
Renowned Portuguese family office to invest $2M into London based Quimera Energy Limited (QEL), will take seat on company board.
In a global context of a changing economy, companies looking for new investment opportunities are finding it hard to decide
We have been constantly growing for decades, not just at the technological and economic level, but also on a human
Making savings allows one to be more competitive, and this is of interest to all segments of the market, including
Quimera Energy Efficiency (QEE) is honored to be named a 2019 Export Champion by the UK government’s Department for International

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