Air Quality Monitoring Tool

QEE Airiality is a superb IoT based solution for air quality monitoring in commercial and residential buildings. With our cloud based breakthrough technology our customers have full insight and control of ventilation and energy consumption, keeping their facilities clean, safe, and as efficient as possible.

QEE Airiality Provides:

  • 24/7 air quality monitoring: CO2, PPM, Humidity, Temperature and VOC parameters.
  • Automatic Operation of the HVAC systems with an air quality & comfort approach.
  • Total certainty of facilities conditions with real time data.


BOPSTEM maximises energy savings, avoids overconsumption and ensures comfort by covering the necessary demand. It also incorporates multiple data streams including energy, weather, utility pricing and BMS points. BOPSTEM Features:

  • Automatic management and optimisation of entire HVAC system
  • Augments operational capabilities of each individual system to maximise its effectiveness
  • Boosts energy savings yet ensures absolute comfort
  • Compatible with the existing Building Management Systems

Automatic  continuous analysis  of operational data


Data interpretation and ¨human¨ like insights


Automatic calculation of KPIs and reports visualisation


Finds what matters most and tells what needs to be done


ENERGYTRACK brings you the power to unlock full value of your energy consumption figures by integrating real-time monitoring and analytical platform. Fully tailored to each clients´ requirements, it facilitates in-depth energy consumption insight in easy-to-understand layout for the teams to know exactly what is going on and why in terms of its energy consumption.


  • Provides absolute clarity when and where you can reduce your energy consumption
  • Real time monitoring of energy performance progress
  • Identification of faults and cause-effect scenarios
  • 24/7 data accessibility and layout customisation


Simple and robust Data logger designed based on the real feedback from engineers across the globe, bringing their necessity into reality


Fast and easy integration


Compatible with any IoT and monitoring hardware

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